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Default Re: The Shadow, the Phantom or Dick Tracy?

Originally Posted by BATS N' HORNETS View Post
i think if anyone is going to say anything about the Shadow or the Phantom, then they need to know the characters...they are living legends... I mean the Shadow is from 1931 & the Phantom from the 40's... They haven't recieved nearly enough attention but are still as strong as Batman.

I think the reason that films made about the pulp heroes are and will always be doomed from the start. They are not as well known and can't be adapted properly...

The pulps had sex & violence and death and murder that is too strong for some generic hollywood adapted PG-13 film... They should all have a SIN CITY feel to them...
Mkay, but when these people take on these projects the do research the characters. I mean the Shadow was in the '30's '40s but still aimed at a young audience. Sin City was for adults. That don't mean you can't make a dark picture.

NOTHING was done before Batman '89. Alot of films owe that movie a debt of thanks for chaning the game. It was way dark. Yet after that came this short boom of mid level characters. Nobobody compares Swamp Thing or Return, casue for the most part the movies left you lacking. The dark tone was I think much for the genre at the time, Bat '89 was dark enough for a couple of films.

I don't know how legendary any of them are, considering anyone w/ actual first hand knowledge of the characters original incarnations is likely 70 years old now. I'm glad those movies got made, except for Phantom, That movie was way to light harted. I'm also glad no sequels were done.

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