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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Redeeming qualities:

1: Michael Gough

Finest performance in the film, and his best of the series.

2: Pat Hingle

Might not have done much, but still welcome to see him.

3: Elle Macpherson

Might not have done much, but still welcome to see her (wink, wink)

4: More Batman Mythos

Nolan might be doing it now, but Schumacher was the first (both in BF and B&R) to introduce key elements of the mythology, such as Wayne Enterprises and Arkham Asylum. And, IMO, Schumacher's Arkham (visually) kicks the ass of Nolan's Arkham.

5: A Message of Family

Is it forced? Absolutely. Is it important? Absolutely.

6: Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane in the Flesh

Burton wouldn't have done it...Nolan won't do it...Through Schumacher's films we were finally given big budget live action versions of Mr. Freeze (yes I know he was in the 60's series, but still) Poison Ivy and Bane. Quality is arguable, especially with Bane...but it's still cool to see a live action rendition.

7: Paul Dini's "Freeze" Origin.

It was one thing in the TAS episode 'Heart of Ice' for producer/writer Paul Dini to create this fantastic new origin for Mr. Freeze. It's another for it to be so completely amazing that the live action realm embrace it. So add "Live Action Nora Fries" to the list from number 6.

8: A Bat Film for Kids

Contrary to belief, Children make up the bulk of the fanbase, and I'm with Joel...I don't see the harm in giving the kid-fans a Batman movie of their very own.

9: Cinematography
10: Costume Design
11: Visual Effects
12: Editing
13: Production Design
14: Sound Design
15: Score

Because despite the arguement over the literal and creative side of the film, NO ONE can argue that for what it is, it's a film that was well put together.



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