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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

I knew of Joel's interest to do a 'Year One' style film, but that's not what Warners hired him for. So given the job he had to do, he did it well, did what Warners wanted...and in retrospect, even though he would've prefered going darker given his work on 'Lost Boys' and 'Flatliners,' I'm sure once he got into the spirit of 'Batman & Robin' he didn't see what trouble it would do to go brighter for the kids.

Next, I think factors like the gun flying onto the statue and Freeze's uncanny ability to fly at the diamond auction fall under the category of 'Stunt Work' which even I'll admit was shotty, ranging from Practical Effects Stunts to Wire Work...and thusly why I didn't include it to the list of filmmaking factors.

And I do agree with a handful of questionable shots...the reversed shot of Robin coming up from the water and then back down during the final fight with Ivy comes to mind right away.


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