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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

It's entertaining, and it does have a few redeeming elements, namely the family elements, Alfred's role, and some of Bruce's interaction with Alfred. And yes, the movie did include much more of the mythology than any previous film did. Most of the stunts and action were pretty well done. It's pretty much just pure entertainment in the vein of the 40's, 50's and 60's Batman comics. I don't think "good" and "bad" apply to it, though it was clearly a leap in the "wrong" direction.

I maintain that the Batman franchise could have been salvaged after this. Just like the comics, Batman had a dark period of films, then lightened up, and he could have gone back to being a darker character. I wrote a sequel to BATMAN & ROBIN a long time ago called BATMAN TRIUMPHANT that featured The Scarecrow and made an attempt to take the lighthearted franchise back in a darker direction.

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