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Default Re: The ONLY superhero movie to pull off a classic rock soundtrack

Originally Posted by FigmanJ View Post
I love all those bands you listed. I do happen to like AC/DC and can understand why some people don't like them.

The band started out just wanting to play at bars. They like most bands luckily got 'found' though and changed all that. For what they originally wanted, which was Rock with some good energetic beats for people hanging out at bars...their music is perfect.

I understand it's not that complex when it comes to the drummer since they have 3-4 drum beats for their entire catalog of songs lol.

To say they truley suck is garbage though, I don't care who anyone thinks they are, Angus Young is one of the guitar gods!

Usually I prefer scores for a film but I'm going to have to agree that Rock/Hard Rock is the perfect choice for Iron Man.
Okay, that's fair. I understand what you mean. And I do have to agree that Angus Young is a good guitar player, but just the whole mesh together I don't really care for, ya know what I mean?

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