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Default Re: The ONLY superhero movie to pull off a classic rock soundtrack

Originally Posted by <borkis> View Post
I'd prefer an original score.
This movie (and every movie) needs a good score. However...using classic rock in a couple of scenes wouldn't be too bad.

Originally Posted by YJ1 View Post
It wasn't classic rock but the Daredevil DC pulled off a rock soundtrack quite well.
It didn't.

Originally Posted by DraXXXen View Post
I always prefer a good score over any billboard music in a movie, helps keep it fresh over the years
Thats why I said classic rock. If they created songs for the movie it could go either way. However, some of the songs on the trailer are already classic so its not gonna make the movie seem dated. Thats why Tarantino always uses old songs in his movies. You can get away with it.

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