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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Schumacher's vision of Arkham was very cool. The was it is and should be. Nolan's vision is an everyday nut house, and regular hospital.
I would have love to see to what Burton would have done with Arkham.

Positive Things

1. Bruce Wayne - Clooney played the Billionare play boy very well and more a father figure to Dick Grayson.
2. Alfred - The story for him was very good.
3. Arkham of course.
4. Mr. Freeze - Very tragic character.
5. Gotham City. I really liked this version of it, very wild but no too neon lighted as in was in BF.

Negative Things.

1. The whole Batgirl character
2. Bane - this version was just stupid. i'm not saying I liked it or not. He was stupid.
3. Robin's suit
4. Batman - Keaton, Bale, and even Kilmer made Bruce Wayne and Batman two different people. Clooney really didn't try that.

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