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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Originally Posted by Gotham22 View Post
Schumacher's vision of Arkham was very cool. The was it is and should be. Nolan's vision is an everyday nut house, and regular hospital.
I would have love to see to what Burton would have done with Arkham.

Positive Things

1. Bruce Wayne - Clooney played the Billionare play boy very well and more a father figure to Dick Grayson.
2. Alfred - The story for him was very good.
3. Arkham of course.
4. Mr. Freeze - Very tragic character.
5. Gotham City. I really liked this version of it, very wild but no too neon lighted as in was in BF.

Negative Things.

1. The whole Batgirl character
2. Bane - this version was just stupid. i'm not saying I liked it or not. He was stupid.
3. Robin's suit
4. Batman - Keaton, Bale, and even Kilmer made Bruce Wayne and Batman two different people. Clooney really didn't try that.
Go back and watch the film again, its alot more neon that BF.

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