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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

I enjoy watching this movie even if it is really bad. I was 3 when it came out. Really all I can remember are my first action figures I got were Iceboard Robin and Heatscan Batman the Batmobile from this movie on christmas. I still got them and yeah they are missing all the crap that came with it but I don't care. I also remember when my dad let me watch it when I was 5. My mom wasn't home and my dad had not seen it yet so he rented it. I begged him to see it and scince my mom wasn't home my dad said sure whatever. At age 5 it was awsome but at age 13 it is freaking hilarious! I will never be able to take this movie serously ever agian. It was bad but I'll give it props for being one of my first exposers to Batman and the effects for 1997 were really good and they are still really good for 2008. It was nice to see Robin more and I thought his suit was cool. As for Coloney he is a good actor but just not as Batman. I just watched it today and it brought back memories and made mr laugh a lot. "allow me to break the ice", "Alright everyone chill, Chill!, Chill!", What killed the dinosaurs? The ice age!", If revenge is a dish best served cold than put on your sunday finest" LOL

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