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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Originally Posted by The Joker_1000 View Post
It gets boring if he's always stopping Gotham from being destroyed. I want to see him taking on someone he can't easily smack around or even fight to a standstill.
I'm not saying that will be the focus of every Nolan Bat film, I'm just saying it doesn't fit into the context and direction in which I see Nolan taking.

The 2nd film will introduce the Joker and most likely end him now, and introduce Two-Face. I think Two-Face may appear in the third as well...and maybe with another villain maybe not. But Penguin is kind of lame, Pfieffer's Catwoman will be hard to top. I can see the Riddler but done right this time. Two-Face can give Batman a run for his money physically wise.

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