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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Originally Posted by The Joker_1000 View Post
Well, I guess we just have different views on this as I still believe Bane would fit perfectly in this universe.

Pfieffer's Catwoman wasn't all that to me but I guess you could say she did a good job. I kind of prefer Halle Berry's Catwoman. Anyway, I don't really think that Two-Face can give Batman a run for his money, he's strong, but definitely not anywhere near as strong as Batman.
Pfieffer's Catwoman was hot. She had that dualism to her where see was walking the fine line between bad and good, that gray area if you will. She's never truly bad but never truly good, just how Catwoman always is. Even the Penguin in Returns, is gross and planning to kill every first born in Gotham. but you can't help but feel bad for a guy whose parents threw him off a bridge into a sewer and ultimately to his death because he was deformed. I'm sure that would scar us too.

We all know Batman's history of training and the man is amazing. But Two-Face is mentally unstable, and about the same size and build as batman. Not to mention there's always those thugs in there for Bat to beat up on. But there's no doubt Two-Face is more of a physical threat than say the scarecrow, the joker, or the riddler.

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