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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Originally Posted by The Joker_1000 View Post
Besides me hating the Penguin altogether, Danny Devito's Penguin was nothing like what we got in TAS or the comics, he was a freak of nature, something the Penguin from the comics wasn't truly meant to be which really bothered me. However, I will give Michelle Pfieffer the satisfaction of knowing that she's the main reason I watch the movie, her character was interesting & very hot. I think I'll pop the movie in when I get ready to go to sleep.

Two-Face is a very big man but I don't think he could beat Batman in a fight. At the most I'd say he'd be able to get a few good punches in that could make Batman feel sore in the morning. As for the Joker, he's shown that he can be very physical at times. In TAS he got some very good hits in & in ROTJ he was a much better fighter than before. That just makes me wonder why he never tried to be a better fighter when the original Batman was around.
Hmmmm. I actually prefer the deformed, sewer dwelling Penguin to the comic version though. It adds something to an otherwise boring character.

I never said Two-face could beat Batman, just that he's more of a physical threat. And Joker can get physical but he's weak and no match for Batman. Joker's main "weapon" is that he is psychotic...and anything goes sometimes, I mean he did kill Jason Todd. By beating him then locking him and his biological mother in a room with a bomb.

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