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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Originally Posted by Kevin Roegele View Post
Isn't it bizarre that Warner Bros kicked Burton off the Bat franchise for such things as making the Penguin a hideous freak and scaring children, yet also made sure the Penguin appeared Burton-like in a cartoon marketed at children?

Yes, it is. However they started designs and production for TAS while Returns was still being done. In the book Batman Animated there is a aprt where, I believe i was Timm, was saying he remembers going to the set doing sketches of DeVito in costume so that they could get a simlar look because WB wanted the character to be relevant in appearance to what poeple would see in the movie. WB didnt expect the backlash they were gonna get, thats why it was so easy for Timm and Co. to redo Penguins design when it came time to do TNBA. That design was supposedly what Timm originally had planned for TAS.

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