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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Originally Posted by BatmanForNever View Post
Hmmmm. I actually prefer the deformed, sewer dwelling Penguin to the comic version though. It adds something to an otherwise boring character.

I never said Two-face could beat Batman, just that he's more of a physical threat. And Joker can get physical but he's weak and no match for Batman. Joker's main "weapon" is that he is psychotic...and anything goes sometimes, I mean he did kill Jason Todd. By beating him then locking him and his biological mother in a room with a bomb.
I know you didn't say he could beat him but I was just saying that he could only get a few hits in as Batman is trained in martial arts & can virtually take down anyone from his rogues gallery. I think that the Joker is weak compared to Batman but I'm sure that he's at least good at street fighting but Two-Face is definitely the stronger one of the two.

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