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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Originally Posted by The Joker_1000 View Post

Joel Shuemacher good director?No, horrible...His movies are poorly executed, i'll admit it. I went a little on the deep end about Batman Forever it wasn't that bad, I just think it spent to much time on the villians.

Batman and Robin you will never ever get me to bend on not saying that was garbage. It's acting was horrible,Arnold's redicioulous one liners and the nipples on the costumes. Not to mention they also wore those terrifying silver suits. It was horrible...

Also, on another note. How have my posts been garbage, I have said maybe two posts in this forum and both of them are my opinions. If you don't like my opinion great, keep it yourself. God what I heard from other threads saying you guys were jackasses, I didn't think they were telling the truth but I guessed wrong.

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