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Default Re: Create your own Batman villain

hey yeah cool thread

Way before Under the Hood happened I always thought it would be cool if Poison Ivy ressurected Jason Todd herself, using the transferable life of the eternal Green or something (e.g. Swamp Thing) and reconstituing the damaged parts of his body the way she creates artificial lifeforms already. He'd essentially be a green-skinned, twisted version of a Robin; blissfully naive, happy and subservient, a parody of Dick Grayson when he was the cheerful hero sidekick. For Poison Ivy Jason is one of her greatest acheivements - for the first and only time she has created (or recreated) intelligent sentient life that is part human, part plant, and ALL HERS. This new man might the basis of all future intelligence on earth if she wills it. Creating this life makes her the ultimate Mother Earth figure like she always wanted to be.

The turn comes when plant-Jason is released from her mind control. Either he fights it out or she releases it voluntarily - it doesn't matter. What's important is that he seems to have forgotten his former life completely (the child abuse, life on the streets, sidekick career, executing rapists, betrayed by his mother, murdered horribly and slowly by the Joker...) and therefore he's no longer the rage-driven man he was prior to his death. No surprise there. For all appearances he's pretty normal, even what you'd call nice guy for someone who's lived the life he has. And now he's with Ivy, the woman who bought him back, and what happens is he chooses WILLINGLY to stay at her side and serve her desires. This has never happened to Ivy before, a man who treats her like a goddess without chemical inducement. I always thought of Jason as needing a mother figure anyway. Their relationship is....complex. He still has the powerful plant enhancments but absolutely no memory or trust remaining for Batman, no memory of former tragedy, and because of this is now well-adjusted, in control and happy. This is what Batman could never accomplish.

Eventually Batman finds the means to restore Jasons memory and identity, and he offers Jason the choice. Jason gets a review of his former life, and after much emotional handwringing he decides no, you had your chance Mr. Bruce, I like my new life, I don't even know you, best of luck but please stay the hell out of the way of me and my lady. This is the twist of the knife for Bruce. A completly balanced and otherwise friendly Jason Todd has chosen to assist the enemy; they will always be at odds now but Jason will never be capable of knowing the hurt batman feels because of it. Effectively he's still dead. For an extra twist it might be fun to make Jason dependant on human bodies to nourish himself, basically Morbius from Spiderman where he has to reluctanly break down and absorb peoples juices like a carnivourous plant. He feeds on criminals and anyone Ivy doesn't like.

yes it's a little slashy here and there but I used to think it could be the basis of a pretty good story. and i kinda based my username on it. Which was also shared by a plant creature i invented when i was 10 and also by a Maori tribal/gangbanger mutant from New Zealand for the x-men

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