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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Originally Posted by GoogleMe94 View Post
not saying you are, but whats wrong with grotesque penguin? we're getting a grotesque joker.......big deal? who cares if it "scares" the kiddies, batman isnt a kiddie character. burton knew this, nolan knows this. i think schumacher may have known, but WB wanted the kiddie toy batman. sadly, Returns was ahead of its time for comic book movies. nowadays, everyone wants a dark tormented film, back then, it was all about profits and selling toys. kudos to burton for saying FU to the studios and there commericial poison. its like with B89, they had no clue how big batman would be, the when it hit the jackpot, WB was all "ooooo big new franchise, lotsa money, sell the merch.!" then Returns came, underperformed because of the darkness, WB goes "NOOO we need to lighten it and sell more toys to make $$!" so they get schumacher, he destroys the franchise with his "toyetic" vision for batman, stuido goes "oooooh we so screwed up! ok, lets go back to the dark and stuff and see what happens", they realize being true to the character, which they seemed to be getting right the first couple times, is really the way to go.
Batman has been both a light and dark character through the ages, it just depends on what interpretation on him your looking at, 40's, 50's, 60's etc. You cant just say hes not a character for kids, because he has been at many times, just as hes been a more dark adult character also.

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