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Default Re: The Shadow, the Phantom or Dick Tracy?

Originally Posted by Kent Allard View Post
While there was a famous radio show based on The Shadow - that is not where the character was really created.

The Shadow was a pulp hero; The Shadow Magazine was published twice a month for the majority of the magazine's run. The famous radio show would debut only after the pulp fiction magazine had been published for 6 years.
Ah yes, but....

Originally Posted by Kent Allard View Post
Now before anyone comes along with 2 cents, yes the vague notion of a mysterious character called The Shadow first premiered on July 31, 1930 as a host/narrator for Street & Smith's Detective Story Hour. The host proved unexpectedly popular and some smart executive knew a great opportunity when he saw it. The creation of The Shadow as a character/property happened when Walter Gibson was paid to do so by S&S and made history.
Well, the character began on a radio show, it wasn't a 'vague notion'. The Shadow was the narrator. You're absolutely correct that the pulps turned him into a proper character, but he was invented for the radio show.

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