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Originally Posted by insane polaris View Post
I loved the costume when drawn by salvador and i loved her personality. it added some thing different to the character, and i loved when she disagreed with xavier.
Austen did a really good job with her in that one. She had a set of beliefs that made her different from Xavier and they clashed based on their different set of beliefs.

I think there is lots more we could see from Polaris, she has the links to Magneto (though i dont want a "magnetos my father" plot)
As one of the X-books editor Lowe said this week in an interview, when they finally get to doing Lorna's origin story we can be sure it will be a really big deal. Its actually been eight years since Lorna last spoke to Magneto in the 616 and until Marvel finally has Magneto tell of her origins no writer is going to have the characters anywhere near each other in the 616, because there are too many questions that Marvel wants answered in a big Magneto Origins tale, not beforehand.

Also, Chris Yost sent a message to Lorna fans a few weeks ago saying there are future plans for the character so we shouldn't worry.

Originally Posted by Chris Yost View Post
Thanks for the kind words, all. Even from those of you who only liked 4 issues and 20-odd pages of the series. I'll take it. Probably better than hating 4 and 7/8 of the series and liking the last two pages.

Emperor Vulcan really was a dream come true for me, as I got to have Alex, Lorna and Rachel seriously whip some a$$ - in space... two of my favorite things (space, and kicking a$$).

And I wouldn't worry too much about your favorite character. There are plans, from even before I came onboard. And hey, its a Summers brother, the daughter of Magneto, and the Phoenix. I think they'll be okay.

Plus, Ch'od's alien ferret is out there somewhere plotting.



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