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Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
I hated what Austen did with Lorna, turning her into a pathetic, jealous obssessive psycho.
Austen's run lasted from 2003 to the end of 2004. You can't even come close to comparing Lorna during the first year of Austen's run to that of the second year. Austen in the first year of his run made the age old writers mistake that Marti Noxon made on Buffy made during season 6 of airing out all the writers personal relationship issues with the characters they are writing.

He turned Nurse Annie into his own wife as he told fans at a convention and Lorna into one of his old girlfriends during in 2003. But, Lorna in 2004 was a very different character. She was a heroic almost "one man X-team" as Austen said, but she was still a character with an edge. But, what he did with Lorna in 2003 overshadowed what he did with the character in 2004. Few remember heroic Lorna in 2004 in Uncanny and New X-Men, but everyone remembers crazy Lorna at her wedding. Some of the best written Lorna since the 1990s we had in 2004 and its a shame it was so overshadowed.

But still, like I said she had a personality which is more than I can say for her during Milligan and Brubaker's runs who wrote her bland, generic and pretty much boring
She was certainly very generic and boring during Millian's run and even worse in RAFOTSE. It took Austen a year to find a decient balance with Lorna. But, all that got thrown out the window for several years. Yost gave the character somewhat more edge in EV, but she still came off as the girl behind Havok, which I guess is only natural considering she is just there to help him against Vulcan.

But, as I said earlier in this post, Lorna in 2004 was quite well written. But, fans really from her wedding onword through 2004 and all the way into 2005 and 2006 kept screaming about crazy Lorna and that helped pressure the writers to keep toning the character down to the point where she was bland, boring, and generic as you said. Lorna without any edge is simply a filler character as another poster on this thread said and certainly isn't interesting enough to generate the fan interest to ever become an important character in Marvel eyes.

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