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Default Re: Official Polaris Thread

Derek Brunell makes a guess with regards to “X-Men: Legacy” – or is this just a wish? Let’s allow him to explain…

Any chance we will get an origin story for Polaris, Peter Milligan promised us her origin story a few years ago at a con but he was taken off X-Men and it never saw print. Since ‘Legacy’ is going to be revisiting the past it seems like the perfect book for this.

LOWE: You won’t see Polaris in “X-Men: Legacy,” but she’s not gone for good. When we get down to finally filling in her origin, you can be sure it’ll be a big deal.

And speaking of Polaris, John Crowley (along with several other fans) wrote to me with questions about the status of her and her associates.

Will we be seeing a resolution to the Shi’ar civil war by the end of the year? I thought I had read earlier that “Emperor Vulcan” was supposed to be the final act of the whole story with the Summers (at least for a while). What changed? And when will we see what happens with the Starjammers, Havok, Polaris, and Rachel?

LOWE: As the person who wrote the solicit text for “Emperor Vulcan” and did a lot of interviews about it, I don’t remember reading or saying that it was the final act of the Summers’ story. We always saw it as a middle chapter. As for when you’ll see them again, you’ll just have to wait and see.
The X-editors speak about Lorna, X-Men editor Mike Marts also said something similar.

SimMasterBleh -- Will we get to find out who Polaris's mother is and how she got involved with Magneto?

Mike Marts -- Eventually, yes.

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