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Default Re: The Shadow, the Phantom or Dick Tracy?

If I may point out the great things about The Shaodw;

- Alec Baldwin is absolutely perfect as both Lamont Cranston and the Shadow. As Cranston, he is the perfect comicbook Bruce Wayne the movies have never given us. Pure charm, charisma and dapper playboy. As the Shadow he is sinister and heroic at the same time, and hypnotically mysterious. Baldwin brings a real substance and dramatic weight to the role, he gives it everything and he judges it perfectly. And his bellowing laugh as the Shadow would make any criminal panic.

When people talk about actors like Reeve and Jackman being perfect for their roles, Baldwin should be included for the Shadow.

- The tone of the movie. It's dark but not grim, fun but not light. As we've seen with the original four Batman movies, it's a very hard balance to create (arguably only the 1989 Batman acheived it, with the others being too dark or too light).

- The score. Perfectly puply, noirish, msyterious, with elements of wonder.

- Penelope Anne Miller. Pitch perfect recreation of a 1930's romantic intrest, from the glamour to the screwball comedy.

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