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Originally Posted by jmc247 View Post
When Austen talks in his interview above about the roots of Marvel bringing back Lorna as Magneto's daughter he is likely talking about three different things he read before he wrote Uncanny. If you read Uncanny 443 its clear he read the issues with Lorna on Genosha having a teacher/student type relationship with Mags, he then as he said above read her calling him her father in New X-Men, but he also read what Havok was doing before he picked up the character which was Mutant X. In that series the writers decided to make it a big part of the 32 issue series that Lorna was Magneto's daughter.

And, in Austen's mind why would Marvel do all this. Including having them have a father/daughter relationship in two other late 1990s alternate timelines other then Mutant X which was AU if Marvel wasn't going back to that plotline. So in his eyes he simply filled in what Morrison or someone else at Marvel set up for him answering why Lorna called Magneto her father in New X-Men 132.

A fair bit has been done with it all AU since then, but no writer can have Lorna and Magneto interact in the 616 until Marvel decideds it is time to spring their big Magneto-Lorna origins story. And, as the editor Lowe said it will be a really big deal when they do it, so they are waiting for the right time when they really want to promote Magneto, probably near the time the Magneto film comes out in 2 to 3 years.
I much prefer this original story. I liked Lorna and Magneto's relationship as 2 people who came to respect each other without needing to be related. There really wasnt any reason to tie them together like that. I liked the dynamic they already had

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