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The evidence Bobby gave as Lorna pointed out in Uncanny 431 was as weak as hell. It is second or third hand crap, for all we know right now Lorna's mother is alive and well and they certainly could have her be alive and well in her origins story without any difficulty. I think the writers at the time knew they made a mistake and the evidence was far too weak which was why nearly a year later they retconned the Magneto in the story into a robot.

There was no reason for that retcon way after the story was done other then to drive home the notion that he/it was lying a year ago talking to Lorna. However, that retcon only proved that there was some insidious plot at work, not that the story Bobby told her was true. They wouldn't have had to retcon Magneto's appearence in Uncanny 50-52 if they simply had her leave him because she disagreed with his insane villainous Silver Age actions. Instead they left the message that she would have fought for him no matter what his villainy simply because she thinks they are related.

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
I liked Lorna and Magneto's relationship as 2 people who came to respect each other without needing to be related.
Well certainly their relationship was fine on Genosha, up until Dark Seduction when Fabian Nicieza decided he would change their relationship into a complete copy of Magneto's relationship to Wanda and Pietro. In DS he turned her into in essence an adopted daughter of Magneto, but that wasn't the problem with what he did. The problem was he basically said in the text that Magneto was using her like Wanda and Pietro and she 'discovers' at the end that he was simply 'a racist monster' in Lorna's words, in essence turning her relationship with him into a clone of Wanda and Pietro's relationship to him.

Nicieza was basically cutting and pasting Wanda's quotes about him and having Lorna say them. However, Morrison and Austen undid what Nicieza tried to do in Dark Seduction. It wasn't having her be his daughter which really changed her feelings toward him post Genosha, it was the Genoshan genocide which changed her feelings about Magneto and the mutant rights fight. I think what they did was smart, because if they kept their relationship a clone of Wanda and Pietro's no one would care about it. Having it be a sort of reverse mirror image of Wanda and Pietro's made tne relationship stand out from the other two post Dark Seduction.

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