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Default Re: Official Polaris Thread

Originally Posted by insane polaris View Post
I think Polaris should agree with Magneto for the most part... that Mutants are superior over humans... but stays with the X-men inorder to protect mutants.
The core of 616 Lorna as well and Magneto's beliefs today isn't that human's are weak and inferior so mutants should dominate and take over. It is that humans are ruthless and fearful of differences and that mutantkind needs to be proactive in defending their race.

Just on a side note... i wonder if Wanda will ever return to the X-books as a member of the X-men or Brotherhood
She belongs to the Avengers and Bendis isn't going to give her up. The X-books wanted Wanda to play a bigger role in the X-books the past few years, but Bendis nixed that. Bendis says he has long term plans for Wanda as a character.

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