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Originally Posted by Colossal Spoons View Post
Lorna needs mutant powers back. It irks me that she's runnin on some crazy Apoc upgrade.
I certainly agree with you there. The X-Men are an elite group of mutants who are fighting to defend mutant rights. Being a mutant is the one unifying thing for all X-Men.

Cyke didn't kick Xavier out of the mansion because he betrayed them years ago, he kicked him out because as he said Xavier "wasn't one of them anymore". Emma said virtually the same thing to Lorna after she lost her X-gene that they didn't want her any more.

X-Men are mutants fighting for mutant rights. There are a whole bunch of teams for characters that get their powers from technology and other means, but the X-Men isn't one of them. While being a mutant might not matter for the next two years of her being in space. When they get back to Earth it is going to matter quite alot. Because, the mutant rights fight is not only the core point of the X-Men it has been one of the most important things to Lorna as a character for the past two decades.

Finally, being a mutant is Lorna's genetic birthright.

Returning Lorna's X-gene could become a big story line point in 3 or 4 years, because Magneto is certain to eventually try to find a way to reactivate mutants X-genes.

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