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Originally Posted by Valechan View Post
The X-Men are for peaceful COEXISTENCE, they're not fighting for mutant rights, they are fighting for the entire human race (both flatscans and muties).
I hear that line too from the NAACP. We are out to help everyone black and white. While the reality is they exist to protect and defend the rights of a minority group.

Sure, if Galactus shows up and threatens all life on Earth human and mutant they very well might get involved. But, usually they leave human problems to the Avengers and other groups. The same is true of Magneto, if they had a threat to all life on Earth he would get involved, but by in large he would leave human problems to be dealt with by humans.

No one will look at her and go, oh she doesnt have that X gene anymore, so she's one of us
If she doesn't tell anyone outside of the X-Men that she isn't a mutant then she won't have a problem as no one would know. However, if they do find out many will be contemptuous of her like Exodus was almostly openly contemptuous of Magneto thinking he is a human now, but fearing he might have been reimpowered by the Collective. Magneto may be in the same boat as Polaris, while according to Bru it gave him his powers back somehow. But, I don't think it gave him back his X-gene as Wanda magically erased the X-gene from existance except for those Strange protected. Thus, while he may have his ability to minipulate Magnetism back he might not be a mutant. If that is true, he still will find followers and support amoungst many mutants based on his previous reputation and actions, but he won't entirely feel right to them without an X-gene.

In fact it is quite possible right now that the entire HoM are no longer mutants, including Scarlet Witch and Pietro. Which isn't an immediate problem, but something Marvel should fix down the road. However, they are going to have to find a way to tone down Wanda's powers if they are to bring her back. Magneto, Polaris, Wanda, and Pietro have a genetic birthright and while a machine may be a temp stopgap measure, it shouldn't replace their genetic birthright permently.

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