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Default Re: Transformers comics

Essential reading:

I just found out that IDW have begun to re-release the entire original US Marvel G1 Transformers comics in TPB. I went down to my local comic book shop today and found it, I couldn't believe it. Each volume comes with 16 issues all in order, not to be mistaken by the Transformers: Generations releases, which is the same original series but are extracts of some of the best issues, this new release is "everything all in order". If you are interested in the original G1 series but never read it and would like to see what made this series so kick arse then I implore you to buy this. A lot of new fans have come into the fold due to the live action movie and may not understand the history of TF's, or may not understand why so many of the fanboys like myself whom were upset with what Bay did with it. This is the perfect oppotunity to get one of the greatest comic book series of all time. Although I already know most of the stories and have read a few, I never actually owned the US series, here in Australia we got the G1 UK series which spawned off of the US one, so as you can imagine I am quite stoked that after all these years I can finally start to own the entire US series.

The US series had 80 issues, so if they continue to release each volume with 16 issues in each then that would make up a total of 5 volumes, and at $19.99 each that is great value. It will be interesting to see if IDW decides to re-release the UK series after they have finished with this one, it had a total of 332 issues so it's a pretty large release if they do.


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