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Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
Alternate universes are okay I guess but they dont compare to the real thing. Ive been pissed that Marvel killed off Jean and want her back in 616. She's in Ultimate and First Class (which I dont read) so I guess its their way of throwing crumbs at her fans. I really wish that Lorna wasnt in space bc that effectivaly killed the possiblity of any other writer picking her up for a guest appearance here and there.
I agree with you. Space limbo is the worst, because it means she can't just show up like Pietro can for his own mini or show up on X-Men Legacy and have her backstory gets dealt with for a few issues. Space limbo really leaves me with almost no hope as a Polaris fan for the next couple years.

She can't be picked up by any writer that wants her until TPTB bring her back to Earth from space. Also, I have some interesting info I know that I just PMed you.

Also, have you ever noticed that Lorna is shown to always need a man in her life to give her purpose. She broke down mentally and emotionally after she thought Havok died and lived in a room with some of Havok's clothes and would talk to his clothes, hug them, and sleep with them. Magneto had to bring her to Genosha to break her out of it and give her life purpose again.

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