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Originally Posted by Valechan View Post
Lorna is going to appear in Divided we Stand... and I heard something about Guardians of the Galaxy... how long can the Shi'ar space remain blissfully separated from the Annihilation downfall??? I have I have faith we'll see more of the Starjammers soon
Havok will be in Divided We Stand and he is amoung the dozen people listed as guest characters, but Lorna is not listed as part of the guest cast so I doubt there will be anything for her there, except perhaps seeing her in the background. Also, Rachel and the Starjammers will not be a part of Annihilation or Guardians of the Galaxy.

A Havok fan asked the panel a question about what was next for the Starjammers, and the way Jim McCann (Marvel's marketing director) answered the question made it seem like Havok may appear in both issues of Divided We Stand.

- Rachel & the Starjammers' story will likely continue in Uncanny X-Men.

- No Annihilation or Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in with the Starjammers are planned.

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