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Default Re: Transformers comics

Originally Posted by Avangarde X View Post
They were pretty straight forward comics, most of the other Dreamwave re-release didn't have to many alterations, however they were part of a larger story. I only wish that the "War Within" series continued, man that was an awesome series.
I dont think any of the "Dreamwave" writting thats been re-printed by IDW had been altered at all.The Dreamwave continuity doesnt really have any bearing on IDW's TF history even thou they may continue it some day.

But the "Bio books" present a unique question.Most of DW's bio's were pretty generic in nature.....meaning that the bios could fit into any TF universe but there were a few that were pretty DW specific not to mention the non-character entries.

I'm wondering if IDW intends for the new Bio TPB to be used as in refrance to its characters or just plain re-prints of DW's stuff.

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