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Default Re: LAME: the new iron-man cartoons are about a teen iron-man!

Originally Posted by strugler View Post
I am really so freaking sick of this lets take the superheroes to teenage years formula!
its ok for spiderman to be a teenager since the story in the lee ditko comics started with spidey in high school, but its so damn stupid and direspectful to characters like iron man to show him as a teenage superhero.

Whats next? A preschool hulk ? or a middle school thor animated series

Thats just messed up i hope this series gets canceled such a disrespect to marvel characters
all i could think when reading that was a SHAZAM! series lol and god help us all if anything involving Captain Marvel gets off the ground lol

but ya this is definately lame to say the least, like its been said how is it even possible to think that this kid is going to be able to do this. just a pointless change taking away from the character...unless they pull a teenage drunken binder with tony ill prolly never even catch this now lol

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