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Default Re: LAME: the new iron-man cartoons are about a teen iron-man!

Originally Posted by strugler View Post
Yes! it just got confirmed and guess what? is sooo effing lame
from the artcile: "For Nicktoons, the interpretation translates into a teen Iron Man, a superhero closer in age to the network's young viewers."

Really the 90's are the golden age for super hero animation, in 2000's every body is trying to make superheors teenagers, i was really hoping that this cartoon will be a good one and was looking forward to it well not anymore!

first fisher price spider-man now THIS? NICKTOONS has no busness AT ALL doing marvel super-heroes this had better be as quality as avatar the last airbender

to me superheroes are to americans what the myths of the greeks and romans are to them[deemar 325]
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