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Default Re: Official Polaris Thread

I hated what was done at the wedding. It was obvious they were destroying her by making her the jealous "villain" in order to prop up Annie and her romance with Alex as a viable couple. Sucked that it had to happen at Lorna's expense bc Annie sucked

You just hit on the head regarding the biggest single problem with Lorna over the years. No writer has either had the time or been willing to spend the the time with the character to solidify who Lorna is as a character. So what ends up happening is new writers pick and chose from certain eras in Lorna's time in the comics and write the character based on the version of Lorna they like.

Morrison and Austen clearly liked the 60s M2 version of Lorna and wrote the character as a modern derivation of that. Milligan and Bru in particular liked 70s Lorna who you correctly pointed out was a very generic character and there was nothing in either Bru or Milligan's runs that let Lorna stand out as a character. Yost seemed to like a toned down version of Austen's 2004 Lorna.

Until a writer does for Lorna what Claremont did for Magneto, meaning he or she is allowed several years to create an interesting persona for Lorna as well as an interesting backstory for the character, she will continue to simply be seen by Marvel as in the words of some fans yesterday on Newsarama a 'filler character'. And, she will swing from persona to persona depending on the writer.
We definetly agree on that. I was hoping that would be Brubaker but that wasnt the case.Lorna has so much potential and as the 2nd X-woman ever it boggles my mind what little has been done with her. She deserves to be up there with the likes of Jean, Storm and Rogue. She needs a good writer to make her stand out. Look what wonders Morrison did with Emma, a C/B lister who wasnt on the radar of X-men or Marvel fans but now she's A list and the top female next to Storm adn that only took like 3-4 years worth of writing. Lorna needs her own Morrison to boost her up

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