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Default Re: LAME: the new iron-man cartoons are about a teen iron-man!

Originally Posted by YJ1 View Post
I guess Marvel is only concerned about using animation to lure in uninitiated kids. I understand their objective but why do they have to do it at the expense of the fans they already have? One thing I know is that kids don't like being talked down to. Making dumb-down kiddie crap won't win over any new fans. It's also limited thinking. Kids turned on by the movie aren't going to like a completely different cartoon version.

The new kiddie Spider-Man is awful. Anime and goofy Fantastic Four was a flop. Why not make intelligent animation based off the actual storylines from the books? X-Men did this in a water-downed way and it was a hit in the 90's. Quit gearing everything for eight year olds and you'll be surprised at how many kids will be attracted to the product.

Yes, by all means, let's return the character to his lowest point in the past 40 years.
It annoys me as well.
The video game industry learnt that their audience grew up, and made games geared toward more mature audiences.

The comics themselves have gotten more mature, I don't blame them for still marketing to fresh young minds, but give the older fans something they can appreciate as well.
I'm pretty young at 23 compared to some of you guys, and I can't imagine how frustrating it can be!

I remember a while ago hearing they'd start adapting storylines from the comics for their cartoons, there is a lot of good material there to work from.

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