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Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
I hated what was done at the warning. It was obvious they were destroying her by making her the jealous "villain" in order to prop up Annie and her romance with Alex as a viable couple. Sucked that it had to happen at Lorna's expense bc Annie sucked
Austen was using Lorna, Havok, and Nurse Annie to rehash his relationship issues over the years and it is almost always a mistake when a writer does that. I can certainly understand why many long term fans hated it, because they are invested in the character and don't want to see the character become murderous in front of most of X-Men and Avengers. But, I also see why so many casual fans loved Lorna's wedding, because she did what every woman who ever has been dumped in a bad way by their boyfriend or left at the alter wished they could do... go Bridezilla on his ass.

We definetly agree on that. I was hoping that would be Brubaker but that wasnt the case.Lorna has so much potential and as the 2nd X-woman ever it boggles my mind what little has been done with her. She deserves to be up there with the likes of Jean, Storm and Rogue. She needs a good writer to make her stand out. Look what wonders Morrison did with Emma, a C/B lister who wasnt on the radar of X-men or Marvel fans but now she's A list and the top female next to Storm adn that only took like 3-4 years worth of writing. Lorna needs her own Morrison to boost her up
The problem with Brubaker was that he had preconceived notions about what Lorna should be from his time reading the character when he was big into the X-Men in the 70s. He has even said as much in an interview. And, back then she was a shy girl with very little personality that existed simply as Havok's girlfriend. The problem was of course there was nothing that made the character stand out or even be all that interesting to fans. But, that was how Bru saw her and that was how he wrote her. Austen and Morrison in contrasted like 1960s M2 Lorna better and that was what they wrote or at least a modern version of it.

I think Yost would do a great job with Lorna and she would fit in quite well with an X-Force type team if the editors let him do his magic with her. I also expect Xavier and Magneto might form a team to defend mutants when he finally comes out of his coma. It is hard for me to put my finger on Yost's personality for Lorna. It seems somewhat like a cross between Austen's 2004 Lorna and Claremont's version of the character he wrote on Black Sun.

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