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Default Re: LAME: the new iron-man cartoons are about a teen iron-man!

I'll chime in on this one.

I learned, or realized a long while back that the era I loved has passed me by.
I also realized that the movie, comic book makers,...whoever, think the only appeal is to skew to a young audience. They're supposedly the bulk of the ticket sales and the most repeat viewers.

However, I remember as a teen aspiring to be like the grown up heroes I read about. I never wanted to be a gawky, gangly, awkward superhero. I wanted to be the grown, fully developed, finished product. I just don't get the skinny, teen "Ultimate" versions that are out now. It seems almost insulting to the audience it's targeted to, IMO.

Even if the world has passed me by a bit, and I've become the grumpy old man that doesn't want the kids across the street to bounce the damn basketball in front of my house over and over, right after I get my kid down for an afternoon nap,- I still believe that kids basically will buy into and understand the coolness of the heroes that attracted me as a kid.

I'm not that old or out of touch.

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