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Default Re: LAME: the new iron-man cartoons are about a teen iron-man!

Originally Posted by strugler View Post
Where the hell is that from?
Back to topic, i was an early hater when it came to the new spectacular spidey cartoons, as i dislkied the designs,a nd by the way still prefer the 90's tas design over the new ones, but i have to admit though, the show is capturing the spidey spirit more than any previous spidey cartoon, the animation is good and the writing is excellent, not dumbed down at all. i do think that this can have batman tas effect on spidey fans.

Going back to the "teenage nerd iron man" marvel has a history of overthinking matters and screwing them up. and for some reason im thinking its Avi Arad's problem. The guy needs to move on, he might have been the main reason for us to see the 90's cartoons but we have to admit the guys is not doing great in the new millenium. I dont understand what is the reason for ironman to be a teenager, is defeats the whole idea anf nature of the charactrs, its like you ninja turtles and not make them turtles and put them in high school so kids can relate to them after all how can you relate to a turtle right?

I loved the 90's x-men and hated x-men evolution just because they put the characters in highschool and we all know x-men comics did not start with the characters in highschool and i saw that as a disrespect to the x-men fans and franchise so i ended up not watching them. I did lately tried to watch them on dvd but hated them from the guts.

90's Spidey was awesome, but im loving the spectacular spiderman just because it is so true to the comics.

All in all, the way i see it: Stay true to the comics and you will get crazy ratings, revent the character and your series is doomed (unlimited spiderman, the avengers series, new fantastic four, mtv spidey etc etc etc)
its from a short story written during a stunt called assitant editors month it was a story regarding an AVENGERS fan club of kids who'd expelled the member playing iron man because shellhead had been removed from the avengers after falling off the wagonthe scene with the soda bottle was a parody of shellheads situation in the regular storyline

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