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Originally Posted by insane polaris View Post
MU time is slower than our time.
and in one of the other threads theyve worked out that its only been about 13 years (in MU time) that Xavier formed the X-men.

so if Wanda and Pietro were only about 20 when they first appeared, they would only be 33 now.
Wanda and Pietro's births are linked to Anya's death as Magda was preggers with them when Anya died at the age of 4. And, Anya was born right after Magneto left the Death Camps in 1945. Thus, while MU can be on a sliding time scale, Wanda and Pietro's births had to have happened sometime in the half decade after WW2 ended.

Hence, why Marvel now says they were put in stasis by the High Evolutionary for several years where they didn't age when they were babies.

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