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Default Tim Burton Helped Ruin Batman Also

I think it's really unfair to gang up on Joel Schumacher when Tim Burton didn't do the Caped Crusader any favors himself. I actually think that "Batman Forever" was an improvement over "Batman Returns" in part because it tried to distance itself from the twisted, overstuffed, and sinister aspect of Burton's mindset.

Lets see what Tim Burton brought to the table when it came to Batman:
*Batman is a supporting character in his own movies (this is especially the case in "Batman Returns", where he's overshadowed by Penguin, Catwoman and Christopher Walken)

*Batman brutally and intentionally kills his enemies with zero remorse. Tim Burton seemed to think that Batman should be some quirky, neurotic psycho with a death wish, not a heroic adventure, who is more altruistic in his goals.

*Making the Joker the killer of Bruce Wayne's parents instead of Joe Chill.

*Lando Calrissian as Two-Face. Since when was Harvey Dent ever a black man? Burton also envisioned Marlon Wayans as Robin.

*The Penguin as a bile spitting, mutant/sewer rat instead of the level headed, gentleman criminal as he was originally intended to be.

*Catwoman as a bipolar, ex-secretary, who mystically (and magically gains martial arts and gymnastic skills in the process) gets revived by alley cats after her boss pushes her out of the window.

*Batman being made to look like a complete doofus and tool in "Batman Returns" (especially by Catwoman).

*Not showing enough of what inspired Bruce Wayne to become Batman in the first place. All that we know is that his parents got killed in front of him, and now his a reclusive nerd, who wants revenge (he uses his guise as an outlet to beat people who look at him funny up) against the world.

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