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Default Re: Tim Burton Helped Ruin Batman Also

Originally Posted by TMC1982 View Post
Tim Burton supported the idea of the Joker being the killer of Bruce Wayne's parents from the very jump. Sam Hamm was reluctant to the plan, since it wasn't true to the source material. However, the film was in production during a writers strike, for which Hamm had to participate in. During this down period, Burton was able to alter the script to his liking. Also, blockbusters like Batman films should be directed towards a general audience. The reasons why "Batman Returns" and "Batman & Robin" didn't fare as well as the other two films because one pandered too much to adults and the other pandered too much towards kids (there was no balance).
I would reply to this, but El Payaso bet me to the punch! Read his posts and be educated in all that is Batman!

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