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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

*Batman brutally and intentionally kills his enemies with zero remorse. Tim Burton seemed to think that Batman should be some quirky, neurotic psycho with a death wish, not a heroic adventure, who is more altruistic in his goals.
I fail to see how Batman's actions in BATMAN and BATMAN RETURNS cannot be described as altruistic in some regard. He clearly was out to protect the innocent and to better Gotham City.

*Catwoman as a bipolar, ex-secretary, who mystically (and magically gains martial arts and gymnastic skills in the process) gets revived by alley cats after her boss pushes her out of the window.
One of the original versions of Catwoman's origin was that she was an airline stewardess who got in a crash, had amnesia, and became Catwoman.

True story.

The writers needed a reason for a woman to dress up like a cat. They found one.

*Batman being made to look like a complete doofus and tool in "Batman Returns" (especially by Catwoman).
I'm sorry..."tool"?

Have we never read a comic book where the villain bested Batman? What do you call what The Scarecrow did to him the first time they met in BATMAN BEGINS?

*Not showing enough of what inspired Bruce Wayne to become Batman in the first place. All that we know is that his parents got killed in front of him, and now his a reclusive nerd, who wants revenge (he uses his guise as an outlet to beat people who look at him funny up) against the world.
I'd argue that while it wasn't expressly stated, the movie did pretty much show why Bruce Wayne became Batman. To fight crime that otherwise could not be fought through normal means. The state of Gotham was pretty clearly shown during the movie. Mobs carving up pieces of it, innocent people being harmed/accosted...I mean, "good opposing evil" is not a difficult or a deep concept.

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