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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

I think the whole portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne is somehow... off. It's not that they changed the source material, that happens all the time and is for a movie who has only a restricted time frame somehow necessary. But you should - at least - get the essence of the material right. But Batman being a strange guy, totally emotionless and deranged doesn't feel like "the Batman" I read when I was young.
Batman was not totally emotionless in either movie. He was cracking jokes, displaying emotion, etc. He wasn't as outspoken as he generally is, but that was half the point.

Batman was actually a cool guy to me to whom you could look up - but Burton's Batman/Bruce Wayne... he is a pathetic looser.
How so?

And what do you expect from a script writen by a guy who says things like "Batman is basically an insane guy who ****s up his love life".
Take the quote in context. He wasn't talking about his entire philosophy on Batman, he was talking about the man's romantic life. And he's right. Being Batman DOES mess up his love life, repeatedly, both then and now.

And Catwoman? You know what the basic character gimmick was?
She was a criminal who dressed in a cat motif?

She was a thief.
Every single one of his villains was a thief when they were created. That's not really a clever concept. Besides...she stole his heart, didn't she?

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