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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Batman was not totally emotionless in either movie. He was cracking jokes, displaying emotion, etc. He wasn't as outspoken as he generally is, but that was half the point.
He was nothing like the comics.


How so?
A guy who sits in his chair and cries all the time because he has lost his parents 20 years ago is a loser.


Take the quote in context. He wasn't talking about his entire philosophy on Batman, he was talking about the man's romantic life. And he's right. Being Batman DOES mess up his love life, repeatedly, both then and now.
It's just his view on Batman. Reading his introduction to his "Blind Justice" story gave me the same vibe.

She was a criminal who dressed in a cat motif?
Yeah, licked by radioactive cats.

Every single one of his villains was a thief when they were created. That's not really a clever concept. Besides...she stole his heart, didn't she?
How deep!!! That's almost "Burton" to me, you know "Hello There" / "Hell Here" like. What a genius!

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