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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by Parents-Gun-Bat View Post

[Don't get me wrong Batman(89) is an amazing movie when it comes to atmosphere and design]

I think the whole portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne is somehow... off. It's not that they changed the source material, that happens all the time and is for a movie who has only a restricted time frame somehow necessary. But you should - at least - get the essence of the material right. But Batman being a strange guy, totally emotionless and deranged doesn't feel like "the Batman" I read when I was young. Batman was actually a cool guy to me to whom you could look up - but Burton's Batman/Bruce Wayne... he is a pathetic looser. And what do you expect from a script writen by a guy who says things like "Batman is basically an insane guy who ****s up his love life". The changes with the Penguin... man! some call it "better than the source material" but... what's the point? He isn't THE Penguin anymore. He is a sewer monster out to kill the firstborn? WTF? They could have made the Penguin a Jedi Knight and some people would scream "Yeah, better than the source". But if you don't like the original character... why do you use him? And Catwoman? You know what the basic character gimmick was? She was a thief. Burton's Cat-Zombie is not a thief at all. (I don't have much to say about Nicholson's Joker. I think he did a decent job, but HE could have done better. He didn't play himself, he played Cesar-Romero-gone-homicidal.

And don't start with the illogical things. Nobody knows about the Wayne murders. Yeah right. A parade of gangsters and no police... yes, of course. Penguin's men manipulating the Batmobile. It has all been discussed before.

And Batman Forever is really a kind of redemption. Batman is so heroic in this movie. He says things like "Harvey, you need help!" and shows compassion (Keaton Batman would've probably thrown a grenade or something like that). His Bruce Wayne acts like in the comics. This movie is really underrated. The design is in fact too neon and too crazy, no not even in the Silver Age Gotham City looked like this. And the scene where he saves the doctor AND Robin has actually more real symbolism than anything Burton did. The Riddler and Two-Face are not exactly the way I would imagine them. The Riddler is too crazy, he is almost the Joker and Two-Face flips his coin until it is right for him? WTF?
That's because Burton's vision was based on the 1940's Batman.

Bruce Wayne always screws up his love life because he can't really have one. The only real relationships he has is when he is Batman.

Zombie? How? She never died.

The mystery behind the Wayne murders was added for the general public. It's like Dr. Chase says in BF: Why would a man do this?

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