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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by Joker View Post
Yes, he was.
Yeah? Then show me the comic where Bruce Wayne seems to suffer from something like the Asperger syndrome or some attention deficit thing. He was totally unsure of himself. oh, and when did Bruce Wayne ever wear glasses? Does he wear contact lenses when he is out to fight crime? That's just something they added to show us "Ohh sis guy is intelligent". How deep, Mr Burton!

Please tell me you're not basing this opinion on the ONE scene where we see him sitting in his study in the dark in Returns. And he's not crying, either.
I base it on the few scenes we see with "Bruce Wayne". He is a totally disturbed guy with some serious social phobias, it seems.

Radioactive cats? LOL! Were they glowing or something, because I must have missed that
You know, dead girl, radioactive cats, resurrection
Or something like that.

Yes, because it's not like Catwoman has ever been known to be witty

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