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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by David Rice View Post
That's because Burton's vision was based on the 1940's Batman.
Yesyesyes, these things we always hear. It's not the killing, really. The 1940s Batman was not some depressed guy. As Bruce Wayne he was already a playboy with witty remarks. His interactions with Gordon and Julie Madison showed this. The "original Batman" threw out "one-liners" all the time. Hell, he even stopped to ask for the way once! Did I mention that this guy had friends? No. And in the original comics there was no Alfred. So. No.
Bruce Wayne always screws up his love life because he can't really have one. The only real relationships he has is when he is Batman.
Modern psychobabble. In the original comics he had a fiancee.
Zombie? How? She never died.
If you embrace Burton's depth you will see that she died but she has 9 lives or something like that! How clever! Zen galore!
The mystery behind the Wayne murders was added for the general public. It's like Dr. Chase says in BF: Why would a man do this?
it's S-T-U-P-I.D. Perhaps they (Knox and Vale) didn't know it, because they are to young but they could have just asked some older guy.

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