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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

And yes, I realize this is BR we're discussing... but these tired nitpicks are commonly levelled at Burton's Batman take as a whole.

I could point to Bruce's interaction with Max Shreck (sp?) as proof that Wayne in Returns was sociable, albeit to a lesser extent than what we see in the comics these days.

The whole "Bruce was a nerdy psycopath" doesn't really cut it. Some people just aren't getting it. They either aren't getting the spirit of the movies, or the comic era they were drawn from.

Also: We never claimed that the Golden Age was the SOLE source aside from Batman the character as seen in B89/BR.

Burton at least flipped through TKJ for Nicholson's direction. The Penguin was a reimagining altogether, and Catwoman was a hodge-podge. Nobody is denying that.

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