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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by Deathstroke View Post
Bruce is, was, and will probably continue to be a disturbed guy. Childhood trauma is the cause.
No he was not. He started to dedicate his life to help other people. He has never been portrayed disturbed until Burton's Batman came around (Frank Miller doesn't count. DKR played at the end of Batman's career and in Y1 he was quite normal). Yeah, yeah, I know "who can a guy who dresses up like a bat be normal"? I tell you: He doesn't think he is a bat, he just uses the motif and the night as an advantage because he hasn't any superpowers. And, BTW; he lives in world where it's quite normal to wear a mask and fight/or commit crimes. The murder of his parents was seldom mentioned, more in some of Batman's sentimental moments. Oh and of course I talk about the Batman before Zero Hour, before he became a truly deranged nutcase - but this guy doesn't count because he didn't exist in 1989.

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