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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
The curious thing is not why you keep hearing the truth but why you keep refusing to accept it.
The truth is: Burton didn't really care about the source material, he tried to change everything to fit HIS vision.


The Frank Miller’s Batman is deppressive.
For the record. Burton's Batman has nothing to do with Miller'S DKR Batman. Yes, yes, they both wear bat costumes. But Miller's Batman is 80s! He is loud, aggressive, extroverted. Burton's Batman is silent, passive and introverted. (Same goes for his "Bruce Wayne")
As many director, Burton chose the best elements of different eras that worked into the same context.
Yeah, like the Penguin and Catwoman, back then in the "Gothic Age of comics".


Like he had in all of the movies.
And now? And why not? Afterall he used DEEP quotes like "You have a kind of dark side, don't yaa, Selina?" WOW! Sounds absolutely not forced! Romancing the stones!
I suggest you should call tech support for your dvd player. It seems to be skipping scenes.

If you embrace your IQ you will see she survived as many other characters survive dangerous situations. Not because of any super-power.
It was at least hinted that she became some supernatural girl. She started to jump around and do martial arts afterwards.
Selina, in his twisted mind, was convinced it was the fact that she was a cat. But it wasn’t in reality.
Every time I see Selina Kyle moving like a real cat I feel a little bit embarrassed. Like Selina Kyle is supposed to be a human cat

Or they could have searched amongst the old newspapers files.
They aren't too bright, i think that's a fact.

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